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Wilson Digital Marketing Services can help you take your small business, nonprofit organization, or political campaign to the next level.


A quality website is the first step to establishing your digital presence. When your clientele search for you online, are you proud of what they find? Are you losing people because your website doesn’t look it’s best or isn’t set up to maximize conversion opportunities?

Brand Building

This service is about creating brand identity basics. It’s the building blocks of all of your future marketing materials. From logos to vision statements, having a distinct brand builds the familiarity that helps potential clients recognize your organization right away. We help you take the first steps in this process.

Establishing Social Media

If your organization isn’t on social media, you’re missing opportunities to connect with your clients. Our social media services help you decide what platforms meet your needs, then build a strategy focused on organic growth, engagement, and ROI.


You do research online before purchasing a product and your customers probably do too. That’s why your business needs a strategy to make sure people searching online can find you and understand the value of working with you. Are the right pages from your website rising to the top of search results?

Advanced Branding

Does your brand strategy go beyond the superficial? Your brand is more than just logos, colors, and fonts (although those are important too). It’s your philosophy in action. It’s the holistic perception of your work. It’s how the public talks about your organization even when you can’t hear them.

Social Media Engagement

Not getting the growth and engagement you’re looking for out of your current social media strategy? We’ll take on that burden and ensure your social media channels are meeting your goals.

Ask us about our social media audit!

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine advertising is an affordable way to connect with people looking for your product or service right now. We’ll build and execute your pay-per-click campaigns from soup to nuts. We work with organizations on ANY budget.

Display & Social Advertising

How do you know if your advertisements are getting to the right people? Are your target audiences seeing the ads that’ll move them to action? We’ll build the display, social, and remarketing campaigns that’ll help you hit those recognition and sales goals.

Fundraising & Sales Services

Maybe your advertising is working, but you’re not closing yet. If you want to get your prospects closer to “yes,” this is the service you need. We plan and execute strategies to move prospects further down your funnel.

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