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Get Started

Get started by establishing your online presence and building your brand elements. It'll be the bedrock of your marketing strategies.

Get Better

Have the basics down? We'll improve on the foundation you've set with advance brand strategies, SEO, and an enhanced social media presence.

Get Going

Ready to connect to more clients? Wilson Digital can build and execute your SEM strategies, social media marketing plans, and other marketing projects.


Here's how we make your job easier


Simple, responsive, and action oriented designs and content to establish your digital presence or give your site a fresh look.


Building Your Brand

The building blocks of your brand: Logos, Colors, Fonts, Business Cards, Letterhead, and other building block materials that make your organization stand out.


Social Media Strategies

Our social media services help you decide what platforms meet your needs, then build a strategy focused on organic growth, engagement, and other KPIs.



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When people are using search engines to look for services like yours, are they finding your pages at the top of search results? We do site optimization, keyword driven content generation, local SEO, and more.


Advanced Branding Strategies

Your brand is more than just logos, colors, and fonts (although those are important too). It’s your philosophy in action. It’s the holistic perception of your work. We help you refine and get the most out of your brand.


Social Media Management

Not getting the growth and engagement you’re looking for out of your current social media strategy? We’ll take on that burden and ensure your social media channels are meeting your goals.


Search Engine Marketing

A Google AdWords Certified expert will guide you in setting a profitable Search Engine Marketing strategy.


Graphic Design and Writing

Flyer, Poster, or banner design, Email Marketing, Infographics, Brochures, Copy writing for sales materials or donor appeals, and more.



Social Media Advertising

We’ll build and implement your social media advertising project on Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and others. From lead generation to driving conversions, we’ll craft target audiences and ad strategies that drive results.



Here are a few samples of what we've done so far:

Effective AdWords Campaigns

AdWords campaign run for a Rochester non profit
Logo Design

Logo design to meet your needs

Websties to build your business (H&D Consulting)


Is Wilson Digital the right partner for you?

Non Profit Orgs
Helping you connect with key supporters and consumers of your non profit services
Small Businesses
We help you find and connect with customers looking for your business online.
Political Organizations

Get your message heard by the donors and voters who’ll carry you to victory!